We design, manufacture, operate and repair submersible pumps for use in the dredging industry and contractor rental market. Our product ranges up to 500hp 16" discharge portable submersible slurry pumps. If we don't have something to suit your needs then we will make it or modify existing product.

Hydraulic Drive Pumps SH16-500 / 16" x 500HP SH12-300 / 12" x 300HP
SH10-150 / 10" x 150HP
SH8-150 / 8" x 150HP
SH10-75 / 10" x 75HP
SH8-75 / 6 & 8" x 75HP
SH4-50 / 4"& 6" x 50HP

Electric Drive Pumps DP30, DP50, DP75, DP100, DP150, DP200, DP400

Cutters SHE-75 & SHE30

Cutter Head CPCH-175 Rock Cutter / Roller

We offer hydraulic or electric motor drive models in our own design - brand new product or a remanufactured (completely rebuilt) Toyo or Tsurumi DP model sand pump. We can guarantee our products and will offer back-up support and assistance with installation, operation, maintenance and repairing as necessary.

Our experience extends to the dredging, construction, offshore oil and gas industry, design and on-site operation of these pumps. Further-more our manufacturing department have many years of experience in the pump repair sector, so we understand the importance of high quality materials selection and understanding the reasons for pump wearing and failure.

We will always try to assist our customers with selecting the right equipment for their project. One of the most important consideration for all potential dredging project is the site geotechnical conditions. This is key factor on selection and we will assist to study the data and resources, it is an important condition for us.

"Registered Offices" in United Kingdom & Taiwan.


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